We treat every client as if they are our only client.

Hilton Consulting is a progressive firm of chartered accountants, dedicated to helping you regain clarity over your financial matters. From tax advice to business consultancy to compliance services, we can lend a hand. 

At Hilton Consulting, our team of chartered accountants, tax consultants, and business advisors are here to help. We work together with individuals, start-ups, and mature businesses of all sizes, guiding them through a range of financial affairs, whether simple or complex. Each one of our clients is unique, although they often require help with similar requirements, and we understand that sometimes, a bespoke solution is necessary. Hilton Consulting takes the time to get to know the expectations and requirements of every client we work with, allowing us to provide the best solution, supported by our expert advice and years of hands-on experience. 

Strong, ongoing relationships with our clients are very important to us here at Hilton Consulting, and we make every effort to cultivate working relationships that last for years to come. Clients can look forward to a personal touch that is often unexpected when dealing with financial matters. Every client’s work is directly supervised by our founder, Ben Warren, who will additionally serve as the primary point of contact. 

We have one, simple goal here at Hilton Consulting: helping each of our clients fulfil their potential and achieve their business objectives, no matter how large or small. Our ability to understand the issues that matter to our clients is comprehensive and unrivalled, and we possess expertise in a variety of sectors, allowing us to provide accounting services with a difference. 

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We never forget that it is the client that is at the centre of our practice – no query is too straight forward, no issue too complex. Hilton Consulting has a broad range of talents and backgrounds that help challenge the conventional thinking on what a firm of Chartered Accountants should be.