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The UK fashion industry is ever-growing, employing over 555,000 people* and generating over £25 billion for the economy each year. On a global scale, the UK industry is utterly unique, well-known for cutting-edge and innovative designs. From high street stores to exclusive fashion houses, there is plenty to celebrate about the UK fashion industry- the largest creative sector in the country. Not only is our homegrown talent flourishing; the successes of the UK fashion industry routinely attracts those from across the globe, seeking to infuse their career with that distinct sense of British style.  The world of fashion may seem to be all glitz and glamour, however, all businesses are subject to the same financial obligations, including taxation. Therefore, it is important to entrust your financial matters with accountants that don’t just know their own industry through and through, but who are also experts in all things fashion.

In such a competitive industry, it is important to hold your business to the highest possible standards, especially when it comes to your financial commitments. This is where Hilton Accounting steps in. Our team of expert accountants specialise in a broad range of fields, ensuring you will always get the help you need, whatever issues may arise. Our area of expertise is accounting within the creative industries, meaning we are perfectly positioned to help you with whatever you require.    

Hilton Consulting Services for Fashion     

Accountants to the creatives

At Hilton Consulting, we offer a production cycle for our clients within the fashion industry, including forecasting, budgeting and ongoing management information.If you’re interested in the services we offer to businesses and individuals within the fashion industry, we’re only too happy to help set you on your way to being fully compliant with the many rules and regulations that govern the sector, whilst still maintaining a solid level of business growth. Please visit our services page for more information, or get in touch with a member of our team with any enquiries.*Source: Fashion Industry Statistics