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PR and Advertising are, more often than not, an integral promotional partnership used by most businesses to get their products and services noticed throughout the world. A good advert, whether made memorable by a catchy jingle, image or phrase, can be an extremely lucrative way of earning commercial awareness on a mass scale, and could even live on long in the hearts and minds of all of those who encounter it. PR, a broader discipline of promotion, can also leave a similarly-good lasting impression on an intended audience. Interviews, public appearances and press releases all fall under the shadow of a basic PR campaign and one that, if managed and built correctly, can pay dividends.

Yet, when operating within the exciting, fast-growing and entrepreneurial sector of PR and Advertising, it’s essential to keep honesty, accuracy and transparency at the forefront of your work in order to make sure that potential clients or customers are not misinformed, mislead or mis sold. Mistakes of this magnitude can prove extremely costly to companies or individuals who have the misfortune to make them. Public humiliation can ensue, and in the wrong circumstances, legal actions can be undertaken, leaving a reputation, and sometimes a business, in tatters.With so much at stake, it’s vital to enlist the support of someone with a detailed understanding of the ins-and-outs of the legal restrictions of PR and Advertising, in order to iron out any potential issues and guarantee compliance across the multiple mediums of such a broad and ever-changing sector.

Hilton Consulting counts a wide range of PR, Media and Advertising companies amongst its diverse client base and has worked with a series of award-winning and renowned clients within this discipline. With great experience and a wide knowledge of the industry, Hilton Consulting are best-placed to offer a dynamic commercial advisory service to those in the PR and Advertising industry, catering for the needs of each individual client with bespoke legal advice and compliance services to suit you.
Hilton Consulting has an enviable handle on how to leverage PR and Advertising in an honest and accurate way, ensuring that all legal rules and consumer rights are observed and meaning that there are no nasty surprises for anyone.
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