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It is to the credit of the talented individuals within the film industry that, when we watch the latest blockbuster releases, we can suspend disbelief and dive into a world of pure escapism. However, what you don’t see is just how much hard work goes into this artform, including the death-defying work performed by the stunt crews involved. Within the industry, long hours are common, and stunt performers are often subject to hazardous and dangerous conditions.  With this in mind, it can be difficult to find the time to pay as much attention to your financial matters as is needed. Planning your accounting can be a laborious affair, with every aspect of production requiring specialist skills to ensure you’re making the best decisions. From taxation to obtaining appropriate grants, it is crucial to enlist the help of somebody with an understanding of what makes the industry tick, and the capabilities to resolve any issues.  Hilton Consulting’s client base includes both stunt coordinators and performers who have worked on some of the biggest film, television, and other visual media projects across the globe. We are uniquely positioned, with expert industry knowledge that is truly relevant to the varying needs of those within the sector. Our insight into what our clients truly need is utterly unrivalled. Our services include all aspects of production, including helping clients accesses the best tax planning opportunities for them, including film tax credits where applicable. 

Film, Animation and TV Tax Relief

Film, Animation and TV tax relief are three reliefs that are part of the UK's suite of creative industry tax reliefs. Relief is available in the form of: 
  • An enhanced corporation tax relief of up to 100% of the enhanceable expenditure incurred. For example, your enhanceable expenditure is £100 and you obtain tax relief on up to £200, 


  • A repayable tax credit for losses surrendered, of 25% of the loss up to a limit of the maximum enhanceable expenditure incurred. Higher budget films were restricted to 20% of the loss prior to 1 April 2015.
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