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Accountants to the creatives

The art sector is a fast-growing industry packed to the brim with creative professionals. Businesses within this sector can vary widely, from up-and-coming painters to Mayfair galleries, however, the financial issues they face often bear striking similarities. The role of the internet has sparked an overhaul in the inner workings of the art industry, making it ever more important that those within the sector entrust their accounting matters with those who truly understand their concerns and requirements.  Accounting and arts may appear to be opposite ends of the spectrum, but it is essential that the two work in complete synchrony in order to successfully establish and grow businesses within this sector. Though creative passion is the driving force behind art businesses, they are still subject to the same rules and regulations as every other business, and it is important they professionals seek the right support to make this process as stress-free as is possible. The art market is in high demand, and growing year by year, further highlighting how crucial it is to get your accounting right.  At Hilton Consulting, we’re here to help. We have long-standing experience working with a range of clients within the art industry, including collectors, curators, artists and galleries, and know exactly what concerns are most important to them. In addition, we know that many of our clients are not familiar with financial or accounting jargon, and endeavour to keep them up to date with regular updates, delivered in a way they can really understand, ensuring clients are never out of the loop.  To find out more on how Hilton Consulting can help you establish, grow, or otherwise take your business to the next level, make sure to visit our services page, or get in touch for more information- a member of our team would be happy to assist you with any queries.